N.A.S.T.Y. Championship series


  • 2 "Select" teams consisiting of 12 men and 8 ladies on each team will be the main focus of the show. They will recieve a bye into the semi-finals but will have to play their way into the championship game.
  • Teams winning one of our qualifier events will play each other for the right to square off against the selects in the semi finals.
  • Travel and all inclusive accomodations are provided for all contestants. Air travel is from one of 6 centrally located departure points and contestants will be expected to make their own way to one of these locations.

Gameplay Rules
The rules that will be used for the 2006 NASTY Championships will be very close to the NSA rules outlined in the rulebook. There are however some notable changes that we have made to make the game more ejoyable. Here are some of the changes:

  • ladies are allowed to bunt
  • teams may field up to 20 players, as long as the batting order follows the 3 men 1 ladie rule.
  • players may sub in and out on the field as they wish
  • home run rules will vary, but will be designed to control but not eliminate the long ball game

The "select" teams can expect to see some creative rule adjustments, but in the serious money rounds the rules will be by the book.


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